August 13, 2018

Exercise Library

Here is an overview of all the exercises that are on this site. If you are unsure which of the exercises you want to use it is a good idea to go to “What do I need?”. There you can get help to find an exercise relevant to your needs.

As the exercises on this page are about emotions, they might also arouse emotions in you. In order to work with your emotions, arousing them is actually necessary. However, it can be painful and difficult to do this entirely on your own. If you are currently in crisis or feel unsure if you can do the exercises on this site, we advise you to first talk to someone else about what you want to work with, whether it is a good friend or a health care professional. This is especially true if you are struggling with unprocessed trauma, or know that you have a tendency to do things that are not good for you when you experience painful emotions. All the exercises on this site are done at your own risk. The site is not intended to be a full-fledged substitute for therapy.

Contacting and exploring emotions

Working with emotion

Calming down intense emotions

Exercises for Couples

Exercises for Parents