August 13, 2018

Where to get immediate help

Sometimes everything can be feel so painful and hopeless that we feel like things doesn’t really make any sense. You may feel such pain that you may even want to end things. Such pain comes in many forms. You may feel alone and lonely. Or you may feel like you’re never good enough for others. Some can also feel that everything is meaningless and that they have nothing to hold on to in life. Or the pain might be so overwhelming that committing suicide feels like the only way out.

Feeling such pain at times during a lifetime is not uncommon, and having these thoughts doesn’t have to mean that you want to end it. However, sometimes things really get too painful. If you are currently planning when or how to commit suicide we urge you to get in touch with someone who can help as soon as possible.

Here are som suggestions to people you can talk to:

  • Your partner
  • A trusted friend
  • Your general practitioner/doctor
  • A therapist
  • Other healthcare professionals

If it feels impossible to talk to them or call them, you can send a text message. Here’s an example if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to say: “Hi, I’m having a hard time right now and really need to talk to someone. Can you call me or come over?”.

If you’re thinking of suicide right now, please call a suicide hotline, an ambulance or the police in your country. Try to just tell them how you feel and that you really need someone right now to be there with you.